There was always that kid in school who did things backward. He’d put his socks over his shoes (Steven P., 2nd Grade) or he’d put on his baseball ball cap before putting on his sweater (Jerry H., 3rd Grade).

You know folks in business like this too. Common sense just doesn’t apply.

Research provides you a map of the business terrain. With research you know where your little business hut sits. You also know the address of your competition and better yet- where he’s struggling and thriving.

Get Your Research Peeps (aka ducks) in a Row

But, how can you use research for your business?

  • Evaluate Potential Markets and their needs and wants
  • Test product packaging and the goods and services for maximum audience reach
  • Qualify Potential Collaborators
  • Identify your competition
  • Investigate trends

Moral of the Story: Identify your plan or don’t put your baseball cap on before you put on your sweater.