Two Questions to Ask When Choosing the Tools for Your Project

Treasure map showing how to solve problemsKnowing what tools to use won’t help your project if you don’t know how to use them properly or when to use them.

Different projects need different tools.

What’s the keyword here? Need.

It’s easy to use tools because we like them. But, do you really need the tool you’re about to use?

When I’m working on a project I ask two questions:
How will the current task benefit the project?
Is my thinking on track with the project goals?

If my current task isn’t going to benefit the project then I need to rethink why I’m doing it.

Asking these two questions will help the team:

  • Understand the goals of the project
  • Identify the tasks that will benefit the project
  • Draw a clear line from action to result (task to benefit)
  • Think through the project by starting with the end in mind
  • Plan the project with the end in mind

Understanding. Identifying. Drawing. Thinking. Planning.

Autopilot doesn’t get you successful results. Thoughtful actions will give you the results you desire. Here’s a plus: thoughtful actions will pull your project through the downtime, challenges, and the difficulties. It’s easier to work through a heartache if you can see the payoff and the reward.


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