Demographics, Marketing, and Mojo

Clarks Termite and Pest Control Getting Rid of TermitesWhen I’m working with a company or with a client I like to think about their customer. The mojo truly flows when the company I’m working with thinks about their customers.

There’s a company in South Carolina called Clark’s Pest Control. Clarks is dedicated to kicking termites, bedbugs, and other crawling pests from your home.

Clarks Pest Control gets the ick factor of pests.

Pests Are :

  • Disgusting
  • Disease carrying
  • Destructive
  • Inconvenient
  • Costly
  • A health hazard

Pests Are Not:

  • Something you cuddle
  • Good for your family
  • A way to say I love you to your wife and child

Of course you should know your demographics and of course you should have your personas neatly established. (Hubspot has a great article on how to create personas if you’re interested.)

But, you need to know what emotionally moves your customer. For Clarks Pest Control it’s keeping the family safe. Protection. Basic and primal. It’s papa bear and mama bear protecting their young cubs.

These emotions are in all of us. What emotions do your customers experience when they use your product or service?


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