Why, I’ll Just Produce a Viral Video!

Human hand holding a large TV remote“I’ll just produce a viral video.” I heard these words from a friend of mine a few months ago.

Having cut my communications teeth in the television industry, I can assure you this is not how the video production and distribution process works.

Senior Digital Strategist Jon Thomas recently posted his thoughts on The 5 Myths of Viral Content.

What caught my attention was Jon’s number 4 myth: Viral means that it grew organically.

In television and film industry it’s about production and distribution.

If your film isn’t distributed, no one sees it.

It’s no different in the online video world. You have a distribution plan for your content and you need a distribution plan for your video.

Create a path for your video. Think about your industry, audience, and current content providers. Discuss with your content providers the best way your video can reach your audience.

Yes, you can produce a video. The question is, what do you want the video to do once it’s produced?


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