The Germans Won the World Cup – Team Trumps a Superstar

Johann Lohrmann Digital Strategy Germany Wins World Cup
Germany works together to win the World Cup in July 2014.

The Brazil 2014 World Cup features two giants: Argentina vs. Germany.

Argentina is Lionel Messi. Fans expect Messi to surpass soccer legend Diego Maradona. Messi is Argentina’s anointed one.

Germany is a team of talented players. Their strategy is to grind their opponents into submission. On July 13, 2014 Germany does exactly that and wins 1-0. Germany doesn’t depend on one person to score. They play as a team throughout the World Cup Tournament.

Germany’s final goal comes from 22-year old substitute, Mario Götze.

It turns out, we can learn a lot from how the Germans played. Not one person on the German team seeks the glory. There isn’t one superstar. They hoist the World Cup because everyone works together.

In business it’s easy to seek the superstar. It’s exciting and maybe it can payoff in the short-term – if you’re lucky. But, it won’t work as a the long-term solution.

The most successful projects are a team effort: strong work ethic, buy-in to the workflow process, and complimentary skills.


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