Strategy in the Marketing Agency

Strategy in the Marketing Agency
Strategy in the Marketing Agency

What a lot of marketing agencies lack is strategy. Substitution, is one of the biggest enemies of a marketing agency.

  • Substituting people for a process
  • Substituting tactics for strategies
  • Substituting process instead of alleviating risk

Marketing agencies perform according to a deadline. It’s easy to think in the short-term. Deadlines demand it. Daily checklists and Scrum meetings contribute to immediate production. Clients are absorbed in their work and in getting the project completed.

Marketing agencies need to use strategy as their framework. Solid strategies allow the marketing agency to plan, identify verticals and guard against risks and threats to project completion.

By the way, risks and threat hurt the company and have an impact on the bottom line.

Marketing agencies produce. They produce work for their clients. I’ve worked with my fair share of media agencies-from the poor startup to the lucrative agency. The best ones think through their projects- and how the current project successfully adds to their bottom line.


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