The Myth of Facebook and You

Please Like Facebook

There’s been quite a lot of hand-wringing by marketing experts concerning Facebook. Marketing discussions go something like this:

  • The customer wants more likes.
  • The customer wants to buy ads.
  • We need to supply the customer with some metrics.

What should we do, asks the marketing brain trust?  The conclusion? We must act.

But, is there any thought behind the action?

The correlation between more likes and buys depends on a whole host of ifs. If the customer sees the post. If they like us. If the customers are in the mood to buy. If they don’t think we’re stalking them.

Meanwhile, the client throws more money at the problem. Makes sense. Marketers have taught their clients this is the solution. But, marketers rarely ask if this is best for the customer.

Yes, the client is paying you. And you’re making money. But, are you using it wisely? Ahh, the sublime pull of the alter of immediacy. The long-term client is lost.

This deep desire to supply the customer with metrics isn’t baffling. Prove your worth. Give a proper ROI.

Marketers, Facebook doesn’t serve you. They serve their pockets.


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