Facebook’s Paradoxical World

Facebook’s Strange New IPO World

Facebook sits in a paradoxical world. Social media is supposed to be about engagement.

You talk to your audience.

Any feedback you get helps determine course corrections. Right?

But, Facebook doesn’t engage. It does everything in its power to maintain a distance from its audience.

Odd, because Facebook has mounds of data on every user.

I think the smaller investors are beginning to understand what a lot of Facebook users already know: Facebook cares only about the almighty dollar.

Could there a crossroads ahead of them? Could their undoing come at the hands of such a combative engagement?

Certainly something to consider.


Johann Lohrmann
Analysis of All things Media

Photo Courtesy of escapedtowisconsin https://secure.flickr.com/photos/69805768@N00/3292899689/


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