What Does Yahoo Do?

Ohh Yahoo….

Ross Levinsohn is Yahoo’s sixth CEO in five years. Marketing, reputation management and a solid identity are core issues for Yahoo. Either the sleeping giant that is Yahoo wakes up and solves these problems or they’ll simply roll over and die.

As an end-user, I don’t know what Yahoo does. I get what Google does. I somewhat understand why Bing is in business. But I’m not sure what Yahoo actually does.

I don’t think they know either. Right now, Yahoo is an afterthought in the market. My friends don’t Yahoo a word or phrase. They Google it.

Yahoo is suing Facebook. Sorry Yahoo. You’re not social media. There’s Yahoo Sports. But, ESPN is the heavy hitter in the sports world.

Compare www.google.com to www.yahoo.com. One has a search bar. The other looks like a giant scrapbook. Those two home pages are indicative of a thought process. A company’s thought process is sacred. Protect it or risk losing your company.


Johann Lohrmann
Analysis of All things Media
The playful site: http://atlantabusinesscommunications.com/


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