How I Met My New Mechanic Using Social Media

Worn out air suspension bags replaced by Apollon Auto Repair
Worn out air suspension bags replaced by Apollon Auto Repair

About 4 years ago I went to a networking party in Atlanta where I met Lee Weber. Lee knows everybody. Lee and I were the only ones wearing suits at that networking party. I figured, if I’m wearing a suit and he’s wearing a suit then we have the same philosophy when it comes to networking: wear a suit and look your best.

We’ve kept in touch through the years. I posted a simple request about finding a repair shop as my old mechanic shut his doors. Lee was first in line with a suggestion.

I didn’t go to Angie’s List or Craig’s List, although both can be helpful. I used Facebook to solve a problem.

And here’s the rub for businesses: many times a potential client won’t go to the business first. They’ll ask their friends, family and folks in their social network before they contact you.

The mechanic recommended a conversion kit from Strutmasters. And yes, Strutmasters made sure I had the right parts for my car. Here’s something else I noticed. Good people recommend other good people.

You can spend a ton of money on social media, building a killer website and run one expensive pay per click campaign after another. But, you can’t forget that word of mouth is the oldest form of media.

Simply put, if your interaction with your customers and your employees is lousy, then you won’t get the prized recommendation.

Business Media Fundamentals

Get the fundamentals right and then build your social media campaign. Ask yourself this question: would I buy from me? If there’s the slightest bit of hesitation then you need to quickly get honest with yourself and take the appropriate action.

No amount of social media spending can dig you from your foxhole of dishonesty.

Oh, and my new mechanic’s name is Greg Tzevelekos of Apollon Auto Repair. And Lee Weber still hosts networking parties at the Capital Grille in Atlanta every month. My car is back to normal.


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