Businesses Marketing – Getting your Social Media Act Together

Wolf in sheep's clothing, as drawn by a kid.

Businesses like the idea of marketing to crowds. It’s that whole shooting fish in a barrel thing. There are crowds of people on Facebook. So, businesses start making pages. Tons of folks on Twitter. Sure, let’s build a following there.

YouTube? We have some old seminars that we can throw up there as well. Pinterest. No idea what Pinterest is but Janie is the Gen Y marketing assistant gal so maybe she knows what it is. Oh, we need a new website too. We’re on LinkedIn, ya know.

Never mind these businesses have zero idea how to actually develop, execute and analyze the results.

Folks, that is not a strong social media-marketing plan. Sheer lunacy? Yes. Smart marketing? No. Here are three key ideas that will make your social media life easier and far more productive.

 1. Incorporate social media into your marketing plan. Social media is not the end-all of a marketing campaign. It is a part of the plan. Combine social media with your traditional marketing plan. Oh, your website is not where the marketing campaign begins. Think of it as a marketing/communications tool.

2. Define your goal. What is it that you want? More sales leads? Increased brand recognition? Product introduction? Get specific and write it down.

The goal is to achieve ___________ by the date of ___________. (People responsible) will achieve this goal by completing (list the things you will do here).

Success will be measured by (list the tools that you’ll use for analytics). The formula for analyzing the results will be (insert formula here).

3. Map a strategy. Good project managers and social media managers live and breathe strategy. They see the big picture. Let’s face it. Christopher Columbus got lucky when he discovered the Americas. You’re not Chris Columbus. X marks the spot and X is your goal.

Guaranteed Failure:

  • If you want to know how to fail spectacularly then ignore the aforementioned suggestions.  They come from experience.
  • Add to that list trying to maintain a presence on every social media platform and doing it well. Figure out where/how your audience lives and set your tent there.
  • Hiring an Internet marketing agency/company that will set up your social media accounts but won’t help you build your programs is a waste of money. That’s like giving you all the car parts to a race car but not teaching you how to race. (Think wolf in sheep’s clothing).

Good luck with your social media landscaping.

Do you have questions on how to put together a social media driven marketing plan? Not sure how to write your goals? Email me and I’ll walk you through the process.


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