Review of a Useful Agile Project Management Tool: Planbox

Review of a Useful Project Management Tool, Planbox: Question and Answer

Looking for ways to streamline and improve processes?  Here is a review of a new web-based project management tool, Planbox.

  Q. What was the tool that was reviewed? What does it do?
A. I tested a new project management tool, Planbox. The URL is It helps you plan your projects from start to finish. Agile and Scrum users will instantly recognize what Planbox does. But, you don’t need to be experienced in Agile or Scrum to use the tool.

Q. Who should use it?
 If you’re working in a business department, small or medium sized business and you have projects to complete, then Planbox is for you.

Q. Why would Planbox help me?
Planbox helps you manage projects, track projects and share files with your team.

Easy to use Agile Project Manager Tool

Q. How does Planbox work?
First, Planbox is super user friendly. I know there are a lot of folks who hate reading page after page of directions. You have a quick walk-through and you’re off and running.

Second, there are really 5 simple steps: name your project, list your goals, list and assign the tasks, complete the tasks and review the time spent on the project. 

Q. Is it expensive?
Planbox is very inexpensive. Here’s a chart of how much it costs.

Number of Users Cost
2 $0
5 $20
10 $40
20 $80
Students, Schools & Non-Profits Always Free
Start-ups Discounts
Custom Plan Contact Developer

Q. Is it easy to learn?
Yes. If you can write and prioritize a grocery list then you can use Planbox.

Q. What if I have questions?
Just ask. I’ve reached out to Planbox to thank them and to ask questions about their training. They responded promptly. If you want to really dig deeper into the capabilities then they offer several classes. Classes for managers include an Intro to Agile, Planbox 101, Kickstart and a robust Bootcamp.

Q. Do I need to download anything?
No, Planbox is a cloud based product. Happily, there is no downloading required.

Q. Were there any unexpected benefits?
Yes. You quickly prioritize what is important. Prioritization gives your team direction. What’s the consequence? The team is more efficient. They are calmer and more in control (vs. running from fire to fire).

The team is focused on achieving what needs to be accomplished.

On another level, the folks of Planbox (a Montreal based company by the way) understand there is often a knowledge gap when using SaaS technology. It’s one thing to build the technology. But, a forward thinking technology team understands the importance of providing the thought behind the software action.


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