Move Your TV

Thoughts Dictate Action

The best companies are forward thinkers when it comes to technology. You cannot innovate inside a bubble. Your office at work is just that- an office.  But that is not where information begins.

When you read the same blogs, talk to the same people day after day and keep doing what you were doing a year ago, then you lose creativity. You lose the spark. You lose the ability to connect one idea to another.

We’re no longer in a one-trick pony age. You’re expected to multi-task and multi-invent. Stop watching television and read. You’re watching someone else’s creativity at work. 

I worked 6 years in the business can honestly say that most producers don’t care about the show.  It’s a paycheck and a ratings game. That’s it. Content be damned.

Missing creativity in your work? Turn off the TV and read. Read everything you can get your corporate paws on.

Return to those subjects you found thrilling in school. Your thinking will be sharper and you’ll see the positive results so richly deserved.


Johann Lohrmann
Analysis of All things Media
The playful site:

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