Saturated with Noise

Listen. Your customers will thank you.

The best stories are personal. They speak of a struggle and of a triumph. Your story can inspires someone else. Age, race or gender, doesn’t matter.

When I was 14 years old my mother clipped out an advertisement in the Indianapolis Star. They were looking for kids ages 13-18 to write for them. That’s the best thing she ever did for me. They taught me how to write and how to listen.

To this day I am absolutely fascinated by stories.  I’m convinced that if we closed our mouths for two seconds and opened our ears our world would be better.

Practically every marketing department today is intent on telling the world how great their product is. Of course it’s great. Who wants to admit they’re promoting a half-baked product? That’s dangerous territory especially since our identities are wrapped in our work.

I propose that the marketing world stop making so much noise. Listen to your customers. Listen for how your magical widget actually helped them and made their lives easier. That’s what a leader does, he listens and follows that listening with concentrated action.


Johann Lohrmann
Analysis of All things Media

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