Our Future Must be Creative

I love to learn. I also love technology. There’s one site that I want you to check out. The Khan Academy was featured on Fareed Zakaria’s special, Restoring the American Dream: Fixing Education. Here’s the link to the website, http://ow.ly/7kOCo.

In Zakaria’s special teachers were using technology to gain instant feedback about all the children’s individual learning performance. Kids who learned faster helped other students learn. That’s a mirror of what happens in creative agencies. The knowledgeable and more experienced worker teaches the junior level workers.

It’s no secret that we’re behind when it comes to education. I believe that creativity will be the changing force. That doesn’t mean that we focus solely on creativity for creativity’s sake and use technology because it’s cool.

We cannot let the pendulum swing the other way toward learning only those subjects that can be measured on a graph. Then again, we must practice what we preach. All of us need to think in terms of collaboration, communication and improvement. 


Johann Lohrmann
All things Media


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