Why my I don’t need a printer. (Neither does my MacBook Pro).

My printer sits in the closet. Alone. It’s probably confused because no one visits it.  I dusted it – by accident of course. I dropped a sock on top of it.

 Here’s why I don’t use a printer.

  1. I don’t print. (Pretty deep, n’est pas?)
  2. I share online.
  3. Printers are known for their personality disorders. They are stubborn. Requiring constant attention, liquids and they are always asleep. Except when you want them to be awake. If they were human, they’d be in a hospital somewhere.
  4. You have to buy paper. I still have 2 reams of paper from 3 years ago. I think I’m set.
  5. I only need to print something twice a year. And it only costs me seven cents.
  6. The ink always spills. It gets on your hands, clothes, face and carpet. Have you ever tried getting ink out of your beard?
  7. The online help forums are obsolete. 1997 obsolete.

And that’s why I don’t need a printer at home.


Johann Lohrmann
All things Media


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