Netflix can make it right.

Netflix, There is Still Time

48 hours after Reed Hastings’ letter to Netflix customers and we’re waiting on a response. (Read Mr. Hastings’ letter here, if you’re so inclined). Netflix’s silence after all the tweets, grumbles on their Facebook page and endless blogs by analysts, financial and tech wizards is baffling.

I wonder if Netflix has any kind of crisis PR management in place.

Netflix Admit One Ticket, Please

For the record, I understand what Netflix wants to do. However, their timing, communication filled jargon and sudden rebranding has confused even the staunchest of supporters and industry professionals.

Their letter was aimed at investors and not the folks who use their products on a daily basis.

Frankly, Netflix you need to put your cards on the table and shoot straight with the every day man, woman and student who buys your products. That isn’t the best terra firma on which to plant a new company flag.

For better or worse, the popcorn poppeth.


Johann Lohrmann
All things Media

Popcorn photos courtesy of:
Carlos Porto /

Admit One photo courtesy of:
digitalart /


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