Netflix Offers Free Course in Getting rid of Customers

9/18/2011. Reed Hastings, Co-Founder & CEO of Netflix recently blogged that Netflix will be dividing the company into two parts: streaming and mail. Customers will have to manage two different accounts on two different websites.

That means two credit cards, two subscriptions one for Netflix and one for Qwikster, the new name of the current DVD by mail program. Sufficiently confused? You’re not the only one.  Here’s my open letter to Mr. Hastings.

Netflix and how to lose customers

Dear Mr. Reed Hastings, Co-Founder and CEO of Netflix:

Your recent letter has left me confused.  Actually, you could have skipped that letter of nonsense and just posted a random clip of Alice in Wonderland. It would have made more sense.

My suggestion? Make it easy on the customer. Don’t make us jump through your hoops. Watching a movie should be as easy as pressing a button or two. Now, you have a nation doing the chicken dance en masse before watching their little movie.

You see, we’re unhappy in our little lives. We’re in a recession that won’t end. Our country is broke. There’s mortgages tanking. The cost of education has replaced the space exploration program in terms of soaring. Tons of folks are still out of work. All we want is a break. Just a small one. That’s where you come in. You’re entertainment.

Frankly, I think you guys should stop with these changes. Just stop. Climb back up the trail you just left and say guys, we just pulled a New Coke. We laid a goose egg. This was our facepalm moment. You may actually still be able to hold on to what dignity you have left.

Oh, just so you know. Your Twitter handle @Qwikster is owned by a pot-smoking Elmo. Well done PR. Well done.



Johann Lohrmann
All things Media

Want to read Mr. Reed Hastings’, Co-Founder and CEO, Netflix blog?

Read what Mashable said about Netflix & Qwikster. Not Pretty.


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