10 Signs You Need a Geek in Your Life

Don't be this guy. Please.

1. You have a blog but don’t know how to post.

2. Technology had been giving you fits- for years.

3. You have 5 different brands of tech equipment & can’t understand why they don’t work.

4. You’re over 60 & still don’t know anything about Facebook.

5. You don’t back up your system & wonder why you’re always losing data.

6. You use IE (um, Internet Explorer) & look puzzled when the IT guy laughs at you.

7. You have tons of wires running all over your house. Somehow they’re Internet related. Yet, they never work.

8. You bought cheap equipment that was severely discounted & you wonder why it breaks.

9. Someone told you, don’t buy Windows Vista. You did anyway. 

10. You’re nodding your head in agreement to this post.

What’s the solution? Get a geek/nerd/someone who loves technology. It’ll give their egos a boost and they’ll fix your pothole technology. Or at least tell you how to fix it.


Johann Lohrmann
All things Media

Photos Courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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