Startup Genome- Solving the Entrepreneur’s Scaling Problem

As a business analyst I look at what is working and what isn’t working within the business environment. I’ve worked with startups that succeeded and failed.

One adventure involved a young charismatic entrepreneur who struggled with scale. Growing too quickly can backfire tremendously. A company’s internal structure must be solid before piling on more services and people to support them.

There’s a company that recently launched a tool to help such an entrepreneur. The company is Startup Genome. Its mission is to Benchmark your Startup with the Startup Genome Compass.

This is a benefit to the entrepreneur as it presents questions geared for thought and eventual action. Basically, you click an answer to a question and at the end, you’ll receive result that shows where your business is.

If you’re an entrepreneur there’s a good chance you haven’t thought about scale. You’ve been focused on your product. Why is this so useful?

Sample from Product Development Startup Genome

Companies mistakenly walk into the scaling landmine field by taking action too quickly.

This includes:

  • launching a product without having the data or the market clearly defined.
  • hiring where a need hasn’t been truly established.
  • having an off balanced business model that cannot adapt to the current situation.

Are you an entrepreneur? Visit!/ to test your business.

This model is in beta and I’m sure the developers would welcome your thoughts and opinions.

Johann Lohrmann
Business Analyst


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