Strategy and Tactics

I work with small and medium sized businesses. I enjoy all things strategy related. Strategy addresses the macro. Tactics probe the micro.

Forest and the Trees

Imagine for a moment that you’re riding in a helicopter. In the distance you notice a forest.

It’s big. Now, imagine that the helicopter has landed. You can now see the trees.  Strategy is the forest. Tactics are the trees.

The same approach for strategic identification won’t be the same approach for tactical execution.

How you can use this information

  • Your job search
  • Exploring a new market segment for your business
  • Fundraising for your non-profit
  • Determining what you want to study in school
  • Saving money for your next car, house or favorite pet project
  • Prioritizing your goals.

Use this knowledge to tackle your current obstacle. Step back for a moment and approach your question from a broad perspective. Writers, researchers, business analysts, producers and many other business professionals use this formula. So can you.

Map your strategy. Write it down. Then, determine the tactical steps needed to reach your goals.


Johann Lohrmann
Business Analyst

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