5 Simple Reasons Why I Volunteer with Hiring for Hope

Hiring for Hope is a non-profit organization that provides job seekers with resources including a resume review, interview preparation and a Job Angels Program. Thus far, the Job Angels Program has played a direct role in getting over 1,700 folks back to work. 

I work as their Business Analyst and I’m also known as their Twitter guy.

Hiring for Hope had a networking last night at Temple Kol Emeth. Roughly 300 folks attended. The event was a huge success. There’s a saying that chance favors the prepared mind. And I’d agree with that. I saw the result of those who were prepared to discuss their career wants and needs.

When you’re prepared, you’re able to seize opportunities and you’re able to help others seize theirs. Hiring for Hope has helped me do just that.

So, here’s my list of why I volunteer with Hiring for Hope.

1. It’s an efficient organization. As a Business Analyst, I like efficiency. (Ok, crave efficiency). I also like effectiveness. Hiring for Hope has both.

2. People listen. There are professionals who know their industry. Folks have real world experience and they’re happy to help.

Hiring for Hope

3. It’s a non-profit that is run like a business. Targets are established and goals are met. Profit comes in several forms- a successfully run event can lead to an increase in grant revenue.

4. It’s an organization dedicated to improving and providing education. You cannot learn if your ego is in the way. (Job seekers, are you listening?)

Improving is at the heart of Hiring for Hope. Improving your life, your approach, your job situation. It’s all there. The best teachers don’t need a blackboard or even an easel. The best teachers lead by example.

5. Hiring for Hope helped me better understand my brand and how to use that to my advantage. I can now use that same process to better identify the needs and solutions for a company.

Interested in learning more? Visit, Hiring for Hope. or check out the LinkedIn group, http://ow.ly/5OwOO.


Johann Lohrmann
Business Analyst


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