Want to be a Successful Business Analyst? Ask these 8 Questions. Part 8/8

This post is part of a series that explores questions that a good business analyst will ask. This is Question 8 of 8.

Who is the end user? What will their support be?

Whatever your project, there’s a user at the end of it. If you’ve done your job right all along, then you’re aware of the connection between people and your product.

I worked as a researcher for an international media company in their pulp and paper reporting division. Engineers, economists and editors accessed and used the same information. But, they used it in different ways.

A Breakdown of the End User's Responsibilities.

Being aware of how others used information was paramount to the success of research strategy.

It also helped provide solutions to problems that my predecessors did not see.

Keep in Mind the Business Analyst Will Need to Provide the Following:

  1. Question Clarification
  2. Defining Requirements for training support
  3. End-user Support
  4. User Manuals
  5. Reference Materials
  6. Marketing Data
  7. Feedback Evaluation

A good Business Analyst is aware of this client’s needs and he knows that he must provide the proper tools and resources in order to be successful.


Johann Lohrmann
Business Analyst

Image Source: Eight Things Your Business Analyst Need to Know: A Practical Approach to Recognizing and Improving Competencies


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