Want to be a Successful Business Analyst? Ask these 8 Questions. Part 6/8

This post is part of a series that explores questions that a good business analyst will ask. This is Question 6 of 8.

What Are My Time Constraints?

Know Your Time

Tick-Tock. Time is money. Your clients time needs to be spent working on their business. Business Analysts need to ask questions about time in order to set the right deadlines.

Understanding deadlines takes more skill than looking at a calendar.

So, how can you establish your time wisely to meet your client’s deadlines?

  1. Identify internal and external resources.
  2. Identify the team that will help you succeed most efficiently.
  3. Clearly understand the client’s demands.
  4. Be Aware of other projects that could siphon off time, resources, talent and testing.


Johann Lohrmann
Business Analyst


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